For Salvatore Sanseverino the tie was a source of inspiration, but above all of passion. A visceral driving force that led him to change his life and dedicate it to fashion and good taste seasoned with Neapolitan tradition.

The same love that moved the founder, for elegance and details, is what runs through every Sanseverino product and reaches those who choose to purchase a creation designed and created with meticulousness and dedication.


The name "seven folds" derives from the elegant manufacturing technique: the silk is masterfully folded on itself seven times, giving the tie a notable thickness and consistency, without the need for any additional padding.

The result of this meticulous workmanship is a tie of superior strength, which adapts perfectly to the contour of the body, evoking a sense of refined elegance and impeccable dignity.

Its exclusivity is accentuated not only by the generous use of fabric, which doubles the quantity normally expected for a classic tie, but also by the advanced and complex tailoring technique behind its creation.

The sartorial art of the "seven fold" tie reflects a creative process that is as meticulous as it is exclusive, reserved only for the most skilled craftsmen. This process stands out for its complexity, which is divided into several phases meticulously carried out by hand:

Cut : Made strictly by hand, it scrupulously follows the weave of the fabric to preserve its design.

Hooding : Every inch of fabric is sewn inside the tie, a step that requires extreme precision.

Ironing : At low temperature to eliminate residual creases.

Pinning : Here the folds are formed and the internal consistency of the tie is defined, ensuring its perfect fit.

Sewing : The closure, handmade with delicate steps, ensures perfect alignment.

Embroidery : After stitching, an embroidered eyelet is added which testifies to the quality and craftsmanship of the garment.

Control : Finally, a scrupulous control verifies the absence of imperfections before packaging.

This process, without mechanical support, testifies to the exclusivity and unparalleled value of each tie created, making each piece one of a kind.


Sanseverino ties have a soul. Ideally but also literally: inside the knot there is a wool compound that keeps it firm and gives the accessory stability and an always perfect appearance.

Stable and concrete, the Sanseverino tie gives your suit a touch of timeless elegance without ever appearing disorganized.


The company logo represents the essence and values ​​of a company, while the tailored tie symbolizes elegance and distinct personality. By combining these two elements, a prestigious accessory is born: the company tie, which reflects the cohesive and sophisticated image of an organization.