The company logo represents the essence and values ​​of a company, while the tailored tie symbolizes elegance and distinct personality. By combining these two elements, a prestigious accessory is born: the company tie, which reflects the cohesive and sophisticated image of an organization.

Customizing these accessories allows companies to stand out, communicating a strong and unequivocal message, and to clearly stand out from the competition. This style choice not only strengthens the brand's identity but becomes a unique point of recognition, both inside and outside the working environment. The corporate tie is becoming increasingly popular among businesses that wish to interface with the world in an original and memorable way.

The corporate tie emerges as an eloquent symbol of entrepreneurial pride and ambition, not only for its craftsmanship and use of high-quality fabrics, but also for the profound meanings it embodies within the team.

This refined accessory promotes a strong sense of belonging to the brand, consolidating team spirit and enhancing employee empowerment.

It is therefore more than just a wardrobe item: it is a strategic tool for business unity and success.


Don't overlook the strategic potential of the personalized tie! This accessory proves to be a precious marketing resource, particularly effective on occasions such as trade fairs and corporate events. It works not only as an elegant tool for creating connections with new customers and strengthening relationships with existing ones, but also proves to be an ideal gift for partners and suppliers. The personalized tie, therefore, is not just a symbol of style, but a long-lasting element that leaves an indelible impression on all the company's stakeholders.



Discover our tailored silk tie, available in both the classic version and the prestigious seven-fold variant. Choose between the standard length of 150cm or the extra-long option of 160cm, both enriched with the company logo and a distinctive internal label. Each tie is presented in refined packaging personalized with the logo, guaranteeing an impression of elegance and attention to detail.


Discover tailor-made elegance with our tailored tie, available in a variety of fine materials such as Como silk, jacquard silk, cashmere and linen. Personalize your style by choosing from sophisticated patterns such as plain, regimental, polka dots or all-over patterns. Available in lengths of 150 cm or extra-long 160 cm, you can opt for the classic design or the exclusive seven-fold version, both embellished with the company logo and that of Sanseverino Napoli. Each tie is accompanied by an internal label and presented in elegant customizable packaging, making it the perfect symbol of distinction and refinement.


Let yourself be surprised by the versatility of customization! Our tailored tie, completely branded according to your needs, can be combined with a wide range of elegant corporate gifts: scarves, pocket squares, small leather goods and ascots. Each item is beautifully embellished with the company logo and presented in sophisticated packaging, specially designed to reflect the essence of your brand with style and sophistication.